Forward user's messages to known user or defined channel

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Users often think the bot is a real person - a channel Op. If an unknown user messages the bot, the bot would forward that message to a known user or users, or send it to a channel - maybe only the backchan to keep it from becoming a problem from a mistyped channel. 
unknown user: Hey - I need help with something!
bot forwards: [nickname timestamp] Hey - I need help with something!
Config with known users, e.g. nick1,nick2,nick3, etc, or, backchan (must be defined and enabled). 

I would not want user's messages going to Notes - too much typing to read them ;)
Any thoughts on this?
fusionx replied
5 Months
Awesome - thank you wink
BLaCkShaDoW replied
5 Months
a feature is already available on BlackTools.tcl, see .man forward . The messages are sent to the backchan channel. Set it up with .set backchan #channel