YouTube script all of a sudden stopped

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Hi forum 
Mu cloud server provider had a outage last night and i lost connection to the server. Tethe connection was restored this morning however i have noticed now the youtube script will not work
I can see in my Apache logs it is going out to fetch the youtube link however its onviously not outputting 
I am now getting this 
[20:15:26] Tcl error [check:youtube]: input string does not match supplied format
I thought maybe a update to php 8.2 did it so i completely purge of php8 and reinstalled it + all the modiles + php curl
php -v
PHP 8.2.9 (cli) (built: Aug 29 2023 10:29:41) (NTS)
if i go 
php index.php 
PHP Warning:  Undefined array key 1 in /var/www/html/index.php on line 7
Any ideas? 
sliceoftoast replied
1 Week
I ended up rolling my server back to php 7.4 script has been working solid 
BLaCkShaDoW replied
2 Weeks
Interesting, I will test it with 8.2. If it's an issue, I will make it compatibile and update it. Thanks for the info. 
sliceoftoast replied
3 Weeks
Hmm just wondering if there is a issue with php8.2 and the script. I spun up a test virtual machin with ubuntu 20.04 and installed apache + php7.4 and all the modules needed 
Updated the script to point to the new location and it started working again. So i went and completely purged pho8.2 of my main system and installed php7.4 + the modules 
Started apache and updated script and it starts working again 
sliceoftoast replied
3 Weeks
Downloaded php files again
getting this 
07:57:24] Tcl error [check:youtube]: input string does not match supplied format
I have rebooted the server just in case 
BLaCkShaDoW replied
3 Weeks
Hello, try to download the latest Php source because I think I made some updates. If its still doesn't work let me know and I will solve it.