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Here you can post requests/ideas regarding future updates of BlackTools script.

-= BLaCkShaDoW Production Presents =-
BlackTools - The Ultimate Channel Control Script
One TCL. One smart Eggdrop

BlackTools is the most complete channel management script who can manage channels from all
the IRC networks.


Bugs report :
History :
GitHub page :
Online help : irc://
#TCL-HELP / UnderNet
You can ask in english or romanian

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You want a customised TCL Script for your eggdrop?
Easy-peasy, just tell us what you need!
We can create almost anything in TCL based on your ideas and donations.
Email: [email protected] or [email protected] with your request informations
and we'll contact you as soon as possible.


Ideas, suggestions, comments ?

This script is free of charge but I accept donations, old computers, free shells wink)
In any case, if you have any comment (good or bad) go to

Minimum requirements:
o Eggdrop 1.8.x or higher.
o Tcl 8.5 or higher.
o TLS package (for autoupdate module to work,if not, it will be disabled)

Most important features:
o Multiple languages support (EN,RO,ES)
o AutoUpdate that gives the eggdrop the ability to download and install the BT if a new version
or bug fix version is on github. All BT files and settings are saved and restored after install.
o Capability to create aliases (commands based on BT official commands) foreach user.
o Multi-channels support: intelligent IRC channel management, every owner(s)/manager(s) can
customise this script and its component settings for each channel to his liking.
(add/remove users, activate or disable desired protections, modules or commands)
o Global boss owner(s) now have the possibility of being able to modify, directly into, their
eggdrop config file (eggdrop.conf) without having to log on to the shell machine to do that.
(i.e. nickname, realname, homechan, chanserv, chanserv username, chanserv password, etc.)
o Designed for flexibility and ease of use: BlackTools is now 100% flexible to be configured
via channel, you can set different settings for each channel.
o Owner(s) timer module system which allows to start timers to execute certain processes (proc)
and in case you want to kill/stop a timer you can do this through this module too.
Also provides and a list of active timers running.
o Allows you to upload files that match the pattern *.tcl from a url inside your
eggdrop's scripts directory.
o Note module system where users can send messages to each other or save personal notes.
Also, eggdrop will send notes to global owner(s) to inform them every time is abused
(banned/can't join a channel).
o CIDR support, dnslookup support and webirc hosts support.
o All commands works through private message (PRIVMSG) and possibility that all users, who have
access to eggdrop, can set their own cmdchar such as '!'.
o All the warn/kick/ban reasons are highly customizable.
Every channel manager can add or remove anything as want easily.
o The new BlackTools version brings also a new and very well-implemented ban system which performs
accurate and efficient searches through global banlist and every channel banlists for a better
management and an easier removal/unban.
o Perfect navigational system through the pages of every module which has this option and a
quote support system module.
o Protection against botnet (mass) and private floods.
o And lots of cool features for your eggdrop wink


Read BlackTools MANUAL (.man command) for help and information about configuration.
Read INSTALL file to know how to install it.
Read FAQ file for the most frequently asked questions.


o Settore for hosting the project website.
[email protected] [ ]

o Florian (most craziest imagination guy) for spotting some major and important issues, also for
provinding all the required and necessary materials needed for this script to be ready.
[email protected] [ ]

Utenti italiani:
Italian Language: Nessuna traduzione ufficiale ancora (puo essere fatta su richiesta).

Copyright (c) 2008-2022 Daniel Voipan (aka BLaCkShaDoW).
AUTHOR : Daniel Voipan
MEET ME : On * #TCL-HELP, #UnBan, #TNTRadio
EMAIL : [email protected]
GREETS : o Special thanks to QueenElsa and Florian for testing, suggesting fixes and new features
inspiration for many parts of BlackTools.tcl that led to the improvement of this script.
o Thanks also to Time2Go > Ionut (retired..) without whom this script would not have gone
so far.
- admin of #TCL-HELP Channel
o As well, many thanks to psycho & WildMan for the interest shown in testing & searching
for errors.
o Thank you to all those people who found bugs in the script and reported them and to all
the users who joined #TCL-HELP and shared their ideas and suggestions.
- Website: wWw.TclScriptS.NeT
- #TCL-HELP (BlackTools TCL Project Official Channel)
aslpls replied
6 Months

Please add BT3.0 update: 
1. "New Year Countdown" 100 Days 14hours 50minutes until new year
2. This also can be set to auto-topic every 12midnight

c.k4891 replied
1 Year
duplicating my idea/request here:
an ability to set noop for certain host mask, so whichever user matches the host in the setting will get deoped if some other member tries to op